Who are we to put your work in progress?

A Team of Developers

Watering Can

Keep watering the grass

After taking the inventory and recognizing where your business was failing, you will now put into practice what you have learned from the Pentagon System ™. The processes will help you structure and grow your business in a considerable way.



We begin to analyze your business with our tool The Pentagon System ™. This procedure will help us to make a thorough inventory of the 5 pillars of your business.

Rubik's Cube

We begin to take the necessary steps to change the mindset of the client, with this we are going to start working on a new program with implementations so that the client knows and understands the program. With this we will understand the visualization of change.

 Re Structure your world

The Pentagon Revenue system

We had being successful sharing and implementing our beleifs, from changing your mind to scale your business to educate your team to share your values to have a successful platform, its a chain of events that will disrupt your way of understanding the way of doing business and take care of your employees and customers, you open a business because you were ready to serve the world with something positive and spiritual concepts .

This tool concist of 5 blocks, we call them levels of understanding and reshaping your business,

this program will give you all the processes to work your business, structure, marketing, technology and leadership, all of them together will give you the opportunity to see your business in a completely different way, 

Black Sheep

Teaching is the best way of learning

As a restaurant professional with extensive expertise in Operations, Management, Bartending, Waiter and Customer Service in both corporate and independent restaurants. I obtained a comprehensive experience in a wide range of elite, upscale and high volume operations with knowledge of responsible Profit and Loss responsibilities. 

Performance Management, Expense management, Staff hiring and training. With capabilities in planning, marketing and branding. Ethical Judgment. Creative Mind. Catering and event knowledge I decided that it was time for me to share all my knowledge to the world in a comprehensive and practical way.