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Alcani Group  started as a team of experienced hospitality professionals who wanted to use their expertise to help businesses overcome the challenges they faced and achieve their goals. They began by offering customized consulting services to help businesses with start-up planning, market research, concept development, and menu creation. As the business grew, they expanded their services to include sales and marketing, operations management, human resources, and finances.

In 2023, they will launched an online course program to provide accessible education to learners from all backgrounds and levels. Today, Alcani is recognized as a leader in the hospitality industry, known for its expertise, flexibility, and commitment to providing results-driven solutions. They continue to expand their services and offerings, with a focus on scalability and innovation, and remain dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and thrive in a competitive market.

Jorge Cordero

Get to Know Us

Jorge is a professional with twenty seven years of experience in managing the region's best restaurants and offering expert counsel and advice through every phase of projects that create a sense of place, memory and meaning, feeding both the palate and soul. 


Jorge is A skilled manager, trainer and practical coach, with a background in manufacturing and technology from his family in Guatemala, developed a passion for the business world at a young age. He arrived in the United States with a love for food, surrounded by family delicacies, and began his 27-year journey in the restaurant industry. He excels in operations, management, bar service, etiquette service, and customer service, with expertise in both corporate and independent restaurants. 


He developed a strong understanding of profit and loss, performance management, and expense management, as well as skills in staff training, marketing and branding, events and catering, and social media and marketing content creation. His ethical judgment and creative mindset have established strong relationships with food vendors and manufacturers in the Washington DC area and the world. He has also gained knowledge of taxes, financial structures, and the local system through internships with state and local government and personal study. He has worked with top chefs such as Jose Andres and has opened various restaurants, as well as worked with multinational companies like McDonald's, Think Food Group, DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton, Compass Group, and Light Speed Corporation.


Jorge brings the kind of savvy and expertise tempered with real world industry know-how to pull teams together and make establishments old and new shine, Whether he's advising investors or consulting owners, Jorge's presence is the signature touch needed to make brilliant ideas come to life. 


Redefining the Way 
you will do Business

At Alcani, our mission is to provide comprehensive and customizable consulting services to food and beverage businesses of all sizes. We are committed to helping our clients develop, structure, organize, and lead their businesses to success. We believe in accessible education and coaching to help businesses make positive changes and achieve their goals.

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